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Green or unripe bananas are rich in resistant starch , a type of indigestible carbohydrate that functions like fiber. However, the food you eat can also play a part in maintaining a healthy mouth and, while no food will ever replace the need to brush, there are some that are surprisingly healthy for your teeth. Each banana contains about 3 grams, which makes them a good fiber source (1, 4). Every time you eat a meal with breads, sweets, citrus, or soda, your teeth are exposed to tooth decay causing acid. If you're thinking about which fruits to use as staples in your diet and which to indulge in only occasionally (and yes, fruits can actually be considered indulgences), it's important to know the facts so you can make the best and healthiest choices for your body. It's also a good idea to wait for lunch instead of snacking through your … Physically, some of them can literally scrub your teeth as you eat them, while as they can take longer to chew than other foods, they’re great for producing saliva which is great for your teeth. There’s good news for those that love a good cheese board – cheese is a superfood for the teeth due to its ability to combat acid erosion of the teeth. Chewing gum can be a problem, however, if you have jaw pain or other issues with your jaw. So I grabbed a banana to eat and remembered that I didn’t brush my teeth. That’s how I ended up here and I have go to say I was not expecting to find a article about brushing your teeth with a banana peel and it will whiten you teeth! Teeth and Gum Care Tips. quicklist: 2 category: Healthy Foods That Can Be Bad for Teeth title: Almonds url: text: We're as nuts about almonds as you … Perfect Teeth: How to Strengthen, Straighten and Whiten. So I though is there a video on YouTube about someone brushing there teeth with a banana. You'll remove sugar and other substances from the surfaces of your teeth and, as a bonus, you'll leave the house with fresh breath. To be more precise, it’s high-fibre fruit and vegetables that are particularly good for your teeth. These are the fruits you should and shouldn't be eating. 10 surprising foods that are good for your teeth We all know the secret to healthy teeth: brush regularly, floss regularly and keep sugars to a minimum. These are some basic tips for caring for teeth and gums: Brush your teeth regularly.

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