ninja multi cooker plus manual

Accessibility That means you can brown or sear your meat in the Ninja before slow cooking or steaming—without any extra pans to clean. 2 Carefully remove all the parts from the box. The Ninja Multi-Cooker Plus is so much more than a slow cooker, it offers slow cooking, searing, steaming, and oven functionalities! Again another success. In this case, the trial and error method is necessary and doesn't always work out. The “Stovetop High” setting, which allows the Ninja to cook on the sides as well as the bottom, browns/sears meat prior to cooking, sealing in the juices, so the browned meat may then be cooked in the same pot. You have been successfully unsubscribed from the mailing list. Date code is engraved on the metal prong of the power plug.NOTE: Power off unit before unplugging from outlet. The only draw back is that unlike many of the crock pots the Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus MC760 does not have a cover lock. Assemble pressure lid, making sure the pressure release valve is in the SEAL … 0000005441 00000 n Not cooking at home? Once the cooking time is completed, the Ninja automatically switches to “Stay Warm” mode so that the dish is kept at serving temperature without overcooking. Go to, Send me an email when my question is answered, Hello Shiela, On the stove this might take an hour to cook up, it was done in 40 minutes using the Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus MC760. No more messes or ruined meals. Regardless, the Ninja MC760 is much more than just a slow cooker; it is well-engineered with many advanced, useful features, and I therefore highly recommend it. to H�|V�n7}߯��Ag���!��@ڸV���(�I��N�^��}ϐ+�:U ALWAYS use oven mitts or pot holders when removing the pot. Models CH951, S1000, and GI501 available on and model BL450 and cookware products available on are not eligible for 10% discount. The first recipe I tried from the cookbook was pasta with meatballs. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. I have used it several times since to make chicken wings, beef roast and pork shoulder strips, varying the cooking function between bake, steam and stove top. Orders to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or to territories outside of the contiguous 48 states or to an international address are subject to a $25 surcharge. This is called Triple Fusion Heat and it allows your Multi-Cooker Plus to cook in the many ways that it can. Using the stove top function is exactly like using a pan on the stove. 33233. This is a truly versatile appliance. We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash. The day after we received Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus MC760 we made Western stuffed pepper soup. I had a feeling we would like the Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus MC760 because this is made by Shark and we love our Shark vacuum. 0000004265 00000 n Privacy Policy | First we fried the meat in the pan then added the tomato juice, water rice, diced fresh green peppers, a little bit of red onion and seasoning. I also added some chopped onion, a can of mushrooms, garlic and extra Italian spices. You can use it for all your favorite steamed dishes, too. Ninja makes quality products and I would definitely recommend this multi-cooker if you are looking for something versatile with easy-to-use digital controls and easy cleanup. 0000069820 00000 n DO NOT touch hot surfaces; ALWAYS use the side handles on the cooking system to relocate. Your mailing list preferences have been updated. Here you can manage your personal information and email subscriptions for the SharkNinja family of brands. This model has four functions: Slow Cook, Bake, Stove Top and Steam. The easy 1-2-3 electronic controls allow you the flexibility for true one pot cooking. Switching between the functions is digital and easy. Now you can sear meats and sauté veggies before slow cooking to lock in flavor! 1157 0 obj <> endobj xref 1157 30 0000000016 00000 n Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. 9am - 6pm ET. [[cart.totals.discountedSubtotal | currency : cart.currency.symbol]], [[orderline.price | currency : cart.currency.symbol]], [[(orderline.promoPrice || orderline.price) | currency : cart.currency.symbol]].

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