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The great thing about calculating the sample size is that you do not necessarily need to know your population size. I have to calculate sample size for children age 0-6 years in the given population(40000 total population).What will be formula..Here population will be total population or have to see population of children.As I have seen formula that u suggested for others,what is the p…..How p will calculate….Plz help me…. Compute a 97% confidence interval for the true percent of students who own an iPod and a smartphone. Hi, I am currently carrying out a statistical survey to determine if females perform better than males in STEM subjects. 00:31:22 – Find a 99% confidence interval for a one-sample proportion (Example #3) 00:36:18 – Choosing a sample size for the estimation of p (Examples #4-5) 00:45:49 – How to construct a two-sample interval estimate for population proportions? a city has a total urban population of 1053305 with 588753 males and 513229 females. The basic formula is always the same (please find it below) and depends on the confidence level and margin of error you chose: Regarding your second question, I would advise you to look for similar studies in scientific journals. How small can I break down each group. Could you please explain more about the second expression refer to SSadjusted? Can you please explain why in the example above you use the 1 million row in the sample chart for a 400 million population size. I was thinking 30% of the total population which is 360 and that seems really high given that its not an online survey, and respondents are students. Would my ability to generalize not be compromised by the low response rate? Sorry I could post a comment to had to click in a reply bottom from someone’s else comment :). Can you clarify your question, I do not understand what you need exactly. please guide me how to calculate my sample size if i am doing a quantitative study on cosumer buying behavior and my population size is 3,117,000 in MULTAN DISTRICT of year 2015 according to ( .what should be my sample size as my study is limited to only females of should i distribute my quesstionnaire.? thanks sir very useful information for any researcher regarding sample size. For large populations, the MoE does not change drastically. How many customers aged 50+ should the company survey in order to be 90% confident that the estimated (sample) proportion is within three percentage points of the true population proportion of customers aged 50+ who use text messaging on their cell phones. I have already conducted my primary research, however since I didn’t know the population, I decided to do as many questionnaires as possible. What can i do first to select the organizations and the respondents from each organizations. With a sample of 300 for a population of 390,000 your margin of error will be 5,66% for a 95% confidence level. Here is the formula. Can I just use the proportion directly in the calculation using the formula without the finite population correction? Based on these you should start calculating your sample and make sure that the distribution in your sample roughly equals the distribution in the population. This means that a confidence interval will give you more than just a single value. How do I know if this is significant given that I don’t know my population size though I have observed it is quite low? Your base for your calculation should be the respondents that answered the question (= 180). As we calculated that we need 400 completes, this means that you will definitely have to send the survey to more than 400 people in order to reach those 400 completes. In your data collection you should treat each subgroup (e.g. To be representative, you will need to have respondents from all 4 universities. Thank you very much for your reply and advises. Hello, if all possible samples of size 2 are selected, how many different samples are possible? More explanation and further information about determining sample size for estimating the mean can be found in this article. \begin{align} When you are intending to organize focus groups, we are talking about qualitative exploratory research and not quantitative. I have only two month to summit the paper. thank you so much. However, if you do not mind that your survey results do not entirely reflect the entire population, you can use a ‘low’ confidence level (95%) and a high margin of error (5%). The confidence interval for the true binomial population proportion is (p′ – EBP, p′ + EBP) = (0.564,0.636). You also cannot say 10% of your population will be sufficient as sample size. We want to estimate the proportion to within 0.01 with 95% confidence. We estimate with 95% confidence that between 81% and 87.4% of all adult residents of this city have cell phones. Could you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve with your research? I am conducting a research and I would like to know how am I going to calculate the number of samples I am going to hand a survey questionnaire within the final sample size? Please Didier, I have been following your great assistance rendered. Investors in the stock market are interested in the true proportion of stocks that go up and down each week. Sector Frequency Sector distribution Sample allocation AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHING 3053 3% 21 COMMUNITY,PERSONAL AND HOUSEHOLD 4544 5% 32 CONSTRUCTION 5578 6% 39 ELECTRICITY, GAS AND WATER 403 0% 3 FINANCING, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE 46826 49% 327 MANUFACTURING 12814 14% 90 MINING AND QUARRYING 153 0% 1 TRANSPORT, STORAGE AND COMMUNICATION 3316 3% 23 WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRADE 18188 19% 127 Grand Total 94875 100% 663 ………………………………. or what should be the sample size….I estimated 327 sample size…. dear sir what formula can i use to calculate a sample size when only population is given. But note that this is based on sampling from a homogenous population. I was told to show calculations on how i selected my sample. Then we are going to determine how accurate that value is in estimating the true population by creating an interval that says the “real value” will fall within a calculated range a certain percentage of the time. First you calculate the sample size (SS). I need to calculate the satisfaction rate for each population, and the average satisfaction rate for both populations together, How can I do that when the sample sizes are not equal? You can use our sample size calculator to calculate sample sizes for alternative confidence levels and margins of error. For smaller (unknown) populations you can estimate the sample size with our sample size calculator, I want to study the prevalence of a disease in 7 regions with different numbers of individuals by region. the population in one site is 4024, the other one is 3960. The population size in your research should be an estimation of the number of young couples in a certain area (country, city, …). If you intend to ask more than one question, then use the largest sample size across all questions. dear i have 9336 so what will be the sample size? Thanking you in advance for your assistance. If you do not know your proportion p, it is quite common to take 0,5 as a value for p. The z-score for a confidence level of 95% is 1,96. Computer studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this method. However, you can correct your formula if you know your population. If I insert your values, the actual margin of error is 10,83%. Your sample size will always be around 385. Rather, 90% of all interval estimates will capture or contain the true percentage of smokers. How I can calculate my sample size and methodology of students selection. You have to try to make the composition of your sample as similar as possible to your population, also when you don’t want to analyze subgroups. Thanks, It appears to me that – if you consider your three villages as 1 population – your sample of 300 surveyed households is large enough to have 95% certainty of your 5% margin of error. If you do that, you can compare your different populations afterwards. If you would use random sampling, you would need a sample of 287 for a margin of error of 5% and confidence level 95%. If your population increases to 3,000,000 is will still be no more than 385. E.g. Hi Didier I am looking at doing a survey with clinicians within health and what their attitudes are towards patients, I am looking at recruiting staff from the hospital I work in both inpatient and outpatient. The sample sizes don’t need to be equal. Good luck with your project! For small populations you almost need to include the entire population in your sample to get a reasonable margin of error. Hello, I would like to conduct a baseline survey of food security and livelihood recovery project.

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