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RELATED: The Flash's Cliffhanger Sets Up a Gender-Flipped Rogue. Along the way, Oliver tries to mend relationships with those that he’s alienated in the past. They’ve taken Barry to his limit, even turning several of his friends and loved ones against him. The flash of light could mean that something has gotten close enough to the black hole and fallen into it. Gilmore Girls: Who Is the Father of Rory's Baby? Later in 2020, Eva McCulloch destroys Black Hole's storage warehouse, where Carver kept files on his employees in order to blackmail them. What do you think of Black Hole debuting on The Flash? Now would you care to comment? Iris then infiltrated Carver's office, using a key from the group to break into a room. If this happens, it would make sense for Iris and the rest of Team Flash to take on Eva and Joseph. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Jenna Anderson Enter your email address to subscribe to our community and receive notifications of new posts by email. A Geek Community. Black Hole also seems to have a connection with Eva McCulloch, who appears to be the new version of Mirror Master. The only other comic that Black Hole has made an appearance in is Green Arrow #26. "It was probably even brighter before we started observing that night! Copyright 2020 Central City; Missouri After the heist, Detective August Heart, who was present at the crime scene, was struck by lightning. As fate would have it, the first person he runs into is Barry. The organization's existence was first hinted at in the second episode of the season, "A Flash Of The Lightning. When Carver was swarmed by the press, he called off his lawsuit against the Central City Citizen, but his fight against Team Flash is only just beginning. Comics and Beyond: Aside from the brief appearance in Green Arrow #26 and the long run in The Flash: Rebirth series, Black Hole has not made any other appearances in tv shows or films. In "Marathon," the midseason premiere of The Flash, Iris and her Central City Citizen team discovered a nefarious operation called Black Hole. The CW has released the first look pictures at the episode's tense moments, including a face off between Team Flash and the metahumans of Black Hole. [1] Joseph Carver and Eva McCulloch had two different visions of what to do with the discoveries of McCulloch Technologies,[2] so, when Eva was thrusted into the Mirrorverse,[3] Carver was free to create the terrorist organization. The distribution of flux variations from the four nights are also described as "very unusual" compared to historical data from telescopes, including the Keck II. Black Hole seems to favor using villains/metas with light powers. RELATED: The Flash: Crisis Fallout Leads to an Unexpected Exit. When Black Hole was introduced in the comics, The Flash had already been on the air for a few years. Oh, and someone once named him "The Batman of English majors". / CBS News. The Flash airs on The CW. They have made advance tech mainly weapons that have been used against Speedsters but also used by normal criminals to use for crimes in Central City. Full of anger, she stole the Negative Speed Force from Barry, thus becoming the Negative Flash. For the show, it seems Black Hole is interested in more than just the Speed Force. [4] After Iris West-Allen met with an informant from McCulloch Technologies, The Central City Citizen looked into McCulloch Technologies' involvement into Black Hole; Black Hole then ordered Kimiyo to murder Iris West-Allen on their behalf. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There's a conspiracy afoot in Central City. Astronomers spotted something they call "unprecedented" while observing the closest supermassive black hole to Earth this spring — an eruption and massive burst of infrared radiation. In the comics, Black Hole is a terrorist organization that was introduced in The Flash's Rebirth run, which seeks to tamper with and negatively harness the Speed Force. Later, she took her love for pop culture with her to college, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Suffolk University and a Masters Degree in Literature from University of Massachusetts Boston. © 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Only look if you want to know! It’s been a while since the show has had a speedster as their villain, so bringing in Raijin as the leader would be amazing. Regardless of what happens, I’m beyond excited to see what Black Hole could mean for the show. Their ultimate goal is to negatively harness the powers of the Speed Force and tamper with them. This is one of the rare moments were Barry was pushed to his absolute limit. [3] To stop the extortion, Sue began her own investigation into Black Hole, stealing the Black Hole diamond,[5] hoping that she could access the files but she failed to obtain them, either due to the number of guards there or from not realizing that it was a map. While there's no indication of how things will shake out over the course of Black Hole's TV tenure, it certainly provides an interesting foil for the team to confront in this post-"Crisis" world.

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